Custom Hair Treatment:            $20.00
Come on in and customize your own Hair Treatment.
Start with Coconut Oil(moisture retention,hair loss,anti dandruff,repairs
Then choose 1 of the Following:
*Cocoa Butter (Repairs,Antioxidant,Sensitive Skin)
*Shea Butter ( UV Protector, Dry Scalp, Repairs)
Then Choose 1 of the Following:
*Jojoba Oil(for thick dry hair)  
*Avocado Oil  ( Vitamin A,B,D & Repairs)
*Wheat Germ Oil (Vitamin A,E,D,B & Repairs)
*Sunflower & Olive Oil( Vitamin A,B,C,UV Protectant)
*Sesame Oil ( Repairs, Dry Scalp, UV Protectant)
*Sweet Almond Oil ( Antioxidant,Vitamin A,B,E,Protein)

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